Duration Refund Value
1 72 hrs before Full Refund
2 48 hrs before 50% Refundable
3 24 hrs before No Refund.

Guests opting for refunds please ensure you have informed us atleast 24 hours in advance else no refund is possible.
The refund will be proccessed through online mode with in 10 to 15 working days.

Refund and Cancellation policy for the Solitaire Hotel Dehradun. Learn more about refund and cancellation of hotel bookings at the Solitaire Dehradun, one of Dehradun\'s best hotels. Our policy is to give our guests the best experience possible which is why we have amenities such as free wifi, a relaxing swimming pool, gourmet restaurant, cafe and pub making us an ideal choice for travelers to Dehradun seeking a Corporate Hotel or luxury hotel with world class facilities in the heart of the doon valley.